International Applicants

International Professional Pilot Program

Rick Aviation has developed an accelerated program for International Students seeking US licenses. The school is authorized under Federal law to enroll alien nonimmigrant students and provide the required visa. Please visit AOPA, DHS and SEVP for more information.

Additionally, all international applicants are required to pass an ICAO Operational Level 4 English Proficiency Test. Visit for information about the test.

The Rick Aviation Professional Pilot Training Program is conducted utilizing online Computer Based Training (CBT) from Boeing/Jeppesen, in accordance with US Federal Aviation Regulations Part 141 and includes the following:

  1. Visa issued under the USA Department of Homeland Security Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)
  2. FAA licenses and ratings:
    • Private Pilot License
    • Instrument Rating
    • Commercial Pilot License with Multi Engine Land Rating
  3. All training materials including laptop computer for internet access to Computer Based Training (CBT), textbooks,charts and pilot’s headset
  4. FAA required tests and check rides
  5. 250 hours of flight time including FAA approved Flight Training Device hours
  6. Housing for 12 months including transportation to and from the training facility
  7. Uniforms with laundry service
  8. Health insurance for duration of visa status
  9. Two meals per training day for six days per week

The all-inclusive price for the foregoing program is $90,500 payable by wire transfer in three payments as follows:

  • $30,000 upon selection and issuance of M-1 Visa
  • $25,000 prior to commencement of Instrument Training
  • $35,500 prior to commencement of Commercial Pilot Training

For more information in China please contact Flora Shi:
China tel: +86-137-1884-6991

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